Would you like to feel more level headed, collected and calm?

Would you like to feel more level headed, collected and calm?

If you are feeling a bit stressed out, under pressure and generally distracted, Jikiden Reiki can help in many ways.

Here is a testimonial from a recent Jikiden Reiki client who was feeling a bit stressed out, under pressure and generally distracted by the current changes and uncertainty that she is currently facing in her life.

I am sure you all know how, sometimes, we can hit ‘overwhelm’ at times especially when we have to make some life changing decisions. Rachel chose to seek extra support from a Jikiden Reiki treatment recently to help her to achieve a clearer focus and a more peaceful mind, in order to make some life changing decisions.

Jikiden Reiki Testimonial – November 2013

“I was inspired to book a reiki session with Debbie over a year after my first experience of it as a 10 minute taster session at Alresford Show.  I have quite a lot of changes and uncertainty in my life right now which despite their positivity, were causing me to feel a bit stressed out, under pressure and generally distracted.  A pleasant floaty feeling of relaxation lasted a good 12 hours or more after the short treatment so I was intrigued as to how a full hour session might affect me.

I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable on arrival and as soon as the treatment began I sensed a soothing heat stemming from the hands placed on the top of my head.  This was a new sensation to me and a very nice experience.  Following this Debbie placed her hands of different areas of my body while I switched off all thoughts and focused on nothing but my breath and the impressions of gentle pulsating energy travelling around and through me. I have practiced yoga and meditation before, but Reiki really helped me to relax in a much more passive and immediate way – it felt like held tension was being physically dissolved.  The session was ended with a kind of rubbing massage which seemed to work the muscles themselves where as the earlier methods seemed to be affecting the more subtle energy channels of the body.

After the session an interesting explanation of what areas of my body had appeared to be under stress or disturbed was shared with me and some minor injuries were picked up on with quite amazing accuracy.  Since my treatment, some small ailments that were ignorable but present have been righted, most likely as a direct result of the state of deep relaxation created by the Jikiden Reiki.  In the following days I have felt altogether more level headed, collected and able to take events in my stride with calm, ease and conviction.”


Rachel Meek, Hampshire

If this is something that you would like to experience for yourself, email debbie@jikidenreikihealing.co.uk to find out more,

I would love to hear from you. x

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