I found my key to Reiki – a student’s account

“I found my key to Reiki…
Back in early Summer a friend recommended Reiki to me. She thought it would be good for me, which turned out to quite prophetic.

Eager to find out more about Reiki, Debbie offered me a place on the Shoden course. Learning about Jikiden Reiki and it’s origins reminded me of the simplicity of my childhood and free spirit, which was long lost.

Not only that, the course entailed two days of intensive Reiki practising.The energy flow in the room remained with me for nearly a week. A week of fizzing. Literally, fizzing. Otherwise known as being “cooked” .

Reiki is about Mindfulness and Wellbeing. It’s about living in the Now. Not the past which can’t be changed, nor the future which can’t be predicted. Just enjoying the moment, planning A, B and C maybe, but accepting that nothing in life is concrete.

Understanding that has allowed me to step back and unravel the spaghetti that was my life. A lifetime of tension and anxiety has simply evaporated. Not overnight, but over the summer months. It was difficult to let go at first, not fully appreciating what I was letting go of.

Reiki has equipped me with the tools to deal with stress and anxious moments. It’s given me the head space I need to prioritise and lead a rich, fullfilling, albeit complex, happy life.

I found my key to Reiki. Letting the energy – nature’s energy – wash over me. I approached it with an open mind. It really is that simple…”
Steve Neill
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