Reiki training success stories

I would love to share with you one of my latest Reiki training success stories from a recent Jikiden Reiki Shoden course held in Alresford, Hampshire.

I am always deeply grateful for having the opportunity to share the amazing skills and concepts that come from my Jikiden Reiki trainings held monthly here in Hampshire, UK.

I have been able to teach many people over the last 8 years or so and these open minded individuals come from all walks of life, e.g lawyers, nurses, consultants & GP’s from the conventional medical arena and many small business owners.

The most common factor in all of these trainees is their open minded approach and a willingness to gain a new outlook on their world in order to improve the deeper sense of peace, calm, wellbeing and general health of both themselves and their loved ones.

Many have gone on to change their lives in all manner of ways, each one being totally unique to them and have been able to achieve their aims and future life aspirations.

Here is the feedback from one of my latest reiki training success stories.

“I recently attended Jikiden Reiki training hosted by Debbie. It was interesting yet challenging to my western way of training.

I went with an open mind, and just allowed myself to be. I must say it was a journey of self-discovery, and I realised that there is more out there in the world to discover and embrace. In so doing we can grow within ourselves with self-knowledge, peace, calm, bliss and  healing.

Debbie connected the training to each and every participant. This showed not only in how she shared her skill and knowledge, but also in how she prepared and shared her cookery with warm organic soups and home-baked bread and laughter and love.

Coming from a scientific background, it was an eye-opener to see another side of life in a professional setting. I loved how Debbie handled my bombardment of questions throughout the course. She was very grounded in her material, which I give her credit for.

I would recommend anyone to try Jikiden Reiki for an improvement in their overall wellness in life. Thank you, Debbie, for being authentic. Keep it up.


So, hopefully this strikes a chord in you and you are keen to discover and create your own reiki training success stories in the future.

Learn more about the professional accredited Jikiden Trainings that I run monthly in Hampshire here

Or contact me by emailing or call me on 07809615778.


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