What others say

My clients love what Jikiden Reiki does for them


Happy Clients

Thank you so much for my lovely reflexology treatment. The ankle pain is much reduced. Thank you !” GB, Hampshire

Since my treatment, some small ailments that were ignorable but present have been righted, most likely as a direct result of the state of deep relaxation created by the Jikiden Reiki. In the following days I have felt altogether more level headed, collected and able to take events in my stride with calm, ease and conviction.” Rachel Meek, Hampshire, UK

Wow, thank you Debbie for my gorgeous Reiki session. Never had Reiki before and was not sure what to expect. It felt like being in a toasty warm electric blanket, floating and deeply relaxing. The soles of my feet felt tingly. At times, I completely zoned out; I may even have nodded off! Then the energising “wake up” massage left me feeling bright and zingy.

Thank you! Annabel Evans, Alresford, Hampshire, UK

“It is always a pleasure to receive Jikiden Reiki from Debbie. I leave with a firm sense of grounding and a feeling of peacefulness.” Rachel Clarke, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

“I had had a bad back for six months. repeated trips to both a chiropractor and a physiotherapist failed to resolve my problem. Debbie gave me a 45 minute reiki session which was very relaxing and after which my back felt totally different. Over the next couple of weeks, my back pain eased completely. It was amazing!” There was no other explanation for this other than Debbie’s Reiki. I was so taken by the effects of Reiki that I have now booked myself onto one of Debbie’s 2 day courses that I am really looking forward to. Thank you Debbie”.JB Hampshire, UK

“A very powerful and deep experience. I felt a sense of deep calmness and healing.” PM Winchester, Hampshire, UK

“Debbie performed a non physical Reiki Treatment following a discussion around a problem I was experiencing within my family life. Debbie listened and used empathetic questioning, which helped me to process my thoughts, putting things into perspective. Following the relaxing and calming treatment I felt that my coping strategies were switched on. Thank you Debbie, I look forward to your help again.”VC Hampshire, UK

“Wow – zero pain! Amazing!” MH Hampshire, UK – A chronic pain sufferer who has been my long term client for sustained pain relief from a Brachial Plexus injury sustained 20 years ago resulting from a super bike crash.

“When I was 6, I nearly drowned. Ever since then I have been scared of water. At the age of 50 I decided that I need to do something about this and learn to swim. I was still scared stiff. After one 30 minute non physical treatment from Debbie, I went to my next swimming lesson, got in and swam a length without hesitation!” DR Hampshire, UK


happy Students

“The Jikiden Reiki Shoden course I attended last weekend with Debbie Cook was a life changing experience.  It exceeded my expectations and when searching for a reiki course I would highly recommend Jikiden Reiki with Debbie.  I found Debbie to be very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging.  As a healthcare professional, upon completing the course, I feel that I have gained valuable skills that are very useful in my professional world and will also help me with my personal life journey as well. Thank you Debbie!” Christy, Hampshire, UK

“This weekend I attended Debbie’s Jikiden Reiki course in a beautiful village in Hampshire.

What an inspirational lady Debbie is! The amazing course was tailored perfectly for our intimate group, who spent two glorious days together learning every fine detail of Jikiden Reiki, and its fascinating history. The hands on course meant every single person got to practice and receive reiki, and we could all feel the benefits!

By the end of the two days we could all sense the energy pouring from our hands with some spectacular results. Even those who couldn’t feel it to start with left having felt it’s power. Everybody should experience this course as its so beautifully natural and run by such a spectacular lady. I can’t wait to attend my follow up course and learn to further help myself and others through the enriching power of reiki.”Alice Carter, Winchester – 2015

“I wanted to thank you so much for the Shoden weekend.

The weekend was so delightful, I felt very privileged to be given insight to Jikiden Reiki which is in my opinion a pure and humbling healing practice that can be used to assist myself and others. The weekend had a pure essence of Japanese authenticity that I felt honoured and privileged to be part of.
You were warm and exceptionally genuine in your commitment to share Jikiden Reiki. You presented an inspiring atmosphere where all participants could all practice what we had been taught.”J.I Fareham – Nov 2014

“Having just received my Shoden Reiki Certificate after a weekend with Debbie, I feel truly informed as to what Reiki is and what it is not! Debbie is very knowledgeable and approachable, and her background in Reiki makes me feel assured that this was the right path to take. I am also very happy to know that I can contact Debbie for ongoing support and advice. She also offers follow up Reiki shares and Reiju sessions. What more could you ask for!!”JB Winchester – Nov 2014

” A weekend away in Alresford with Debbie participating in her Shoden Jikiden Reiki course was simply magical!

Debbie’s warm and easy going nature was so inviting and created the perfect atmosphere in which to learn about and explore Jikiden reiki. Her knowledge and experience in the world of reiki is extremely inspirational. Debbie believes so strongly in her students and is always available to them. Whether I’m needing reiki support or simply wanting her recipe for courgette cake Debbie is there for me. I am very much looking forward to completing the Okuden course with Debbie in the near future.”A.R, London – October 2014

“Thank you so much for putting together and leading a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed every sixty seconds of every minute of it and came away inspired. I enjoyed meeting and learning with the others too, they were great. Everything went so smoothly, and I was barely conscious of time passing. The progression of events each day went seamlessly, while learning seemed to take place without effort.”Keith Carr, Southampton, Hampshire, November 2013

“I took Debbie’s Shoden Jikiden Reiki training course in Oct 2012. It was a life changing two days which I would recommend to anyone. Reiki is a magical discovery that is a fascinating and positive skill to acquire whether you wish to self treat, help others or make a career of it. Debbie teaches with great knowledge and passion and makes learning fun. Her Reiki studio now feels like my second home and is a quiet place of discovery, balance and positivity away from life’s man made pressures and stresses.Rachel Clarke, Winchester, Hants

“I was fortunate that Debbie was one the teachers on my first Jikiden Reiki course in 2008. Debbie teaches in a calm and positive way and creates a knowledge and interest in the subject which is life enhancing.” YE Hampshire

“Debbie ran a two day Jikiden reiki course which I attended in 2011. I found the whole experience incredibly beneficial, not only did I find the environment light and relaxing, but I also felt it was taught with extensive knowledge and gentle guidance. Thoroughly recommended! : )” LS Sussex

“Excellent Jikiden Reiki teacher – Debbie has a deep understanding of the reiki system as a reiki practitioner and a teacher. She is friendly, motivated and a very skilled teacher.” RT London

“I started my Reiki journey just over a year ago, with Debbie’s support, and I haven’t looked back since. Debbie is encouraging, warm and open as a teacher with a great knack for making you feel at home. Her passion for Reiki just shines out, and her ongoing support has been invaluable as Reiki becomes a way of life with plenty to learn along the way. As a potential sceptic who likes to know the science behind things I have been amazed by the energy I have felt when giving and receiving Reiki. I am definitely a calmer person since starting to practice Reiki.” L L Hampshire

“A wonderful and experienced tutor of Jikiden Reiki – monthly meetings both during the day and in the evening where you can share experiences, discuss ideas, widen your knowledge and, even more importantly, meet new friends in a relaxed atmosphere.” AA Hampshire