Reiki practice meetings and events

Supporting our Students with Reiki Practice meetings and events.

Jikiden Reiki Share Meetings

Jikiden Reiki Share/practice meetings are held monthly on Tuesday evenings from 7pm at our venue in central Alresford, Hampshire.

These meetings are supervised by the most experienced Jikiden Reiki Teacher in Hampshire, and open to all trained Jikiden Reiki practitioners. We would love for you to join our supportive group of reiki teachers and practitioners to share reiki energy in a calm and friendly atmosphere. The cost is £10 per person.

may 10th, June 7th, July 5th


Our Reiju Meetings will be held on a Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 6pm in central Alresford, Hampshire – cost £20

April 23rd, May 21st, June 25th, july 23rd, August 20th 2022

A wonderful opportunity for members of our growing Jikiden Community in Hampshire to join together to receive reiju, and more importantly gain valuable practical experience of giving full Reiki sessions/treatments and learn from sharing experiences.

Those of you who are working as therapists can claim CPD points for your attendance at these support meetings.


Booking for all of these events is essential, please call me on 07809615778 or email to secure your place.

Our aim is to support and encourage those working with Jikiden Reiki by providing a forum whereby each student has the opportunity to learn and grow their personal and practitioner skills at a pace that suits them by sharing experiences within a supportive group.

Perhaps some of you may not get the chance to put your reiki skills into practice in the normal course of your day, as an experienced teacher I am fully aware of the importance of regular hands-on practice with different clients and issues.

You may be newly qualified and for various reasons, may have lost your confidence in either giving treatments or getting to grips with understanding the key concepts of our practice. If this is the case then we would love to welcome you to our meetings so that we can supportively renew that confidence in your skills.

Monthly reiki practice meetings are held in the evening at our training location in central Alresford, Hampshire.

A chance for you to share reiki energy and experiences, discuss challenging concepts, widen your knowledge and, even more importantly, make new friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.DEBBIE COOK, JIKIDEN REIKI HEALING