Choose Jikiden Reiki

Authenticity comes as standard


Jikiden means ‘directly taught’ and this is the essential differentiator between Jikiden Reiki and other western forms of the practice.

As Jikiden Reiki practitioners, registered with our Institute in Kyoto, we are only a few steps removed from Mikao Usui, who founded reiki in 1922. We feel that this direct line connects us very strongly to the essence of reiki in its purest form, with beliefs and methods handed down the lineage undiluted. Jikiden Reiki is the reiki practice exactly as it was originally taught in Japan. A pure, simple and effective energy healing system with its roots originating from the teachings of the founder, Mikao Usui.

I chose Jikiden Reiki specifically for its integrity and authenticity which is taught in a precise framework totally free of western influence.

Japanese Reiki, nothing more, nothing less, practised with the original attitude and intent.


  • Up until the late 1990’s the majority of Reiki practiced in Japan was Westernised Reiki and it was believed that there were no successors to the original healing art remaining in Japan.

    In fact there always were successors and one of these was Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a lady who had trained with Chujiro Hayashi, (a direct student of Mikao Usui), in 1938 at the age of 17. Together with her son Tadao Yamaguchi, they were encouraged to hold regular seminars to replicate the seminars and content used by Chujiro Hayashi and subsequently formed the Jikiden Reiki Institute.

  • Jikiden Reiki is taught within a precise and clear framework which has proven historical evidence and documentation to support us. The Institute provides clear guidelines and printed teaching materials to all its teachers in order that they may present the teachings with the clarity, cultural emphasis and humility it deserves. Teachers repeat the trainings regularly to ensure they continue to teach within the Jikiden Reiki Core Curriculum and adhere to the high standards.
  • It is only natural that many people who come to me for their first reiki treatment do not fully believe in it’s effectiveness, they are only convinced once they have tried it and see for themselves the benefits reiki can give them.

    With many case studies and historical evidence to fall back upon, I am sure that you will start your reiki journey with confidence and an open mind.

“Even those who favour sophistry will not be able to ignore the facts they see before them.”
An extract from the Kokai Denju by Mikao Usui sensei