Gift Vouchers – Unique Gifts that keep on giving

Gift Vouchers – Unique Gifts that keep on giving I have a range of beautiful handmade gift cards using silk screen printed papers collected from the birthplace of Reiki, Kyoto, Japan. Each card has its own envelope hand trimmed with the matching paper, making a charming & unique gift for those you love. Choose from…

What others say

Debbie’s warm and easy going nature was so inviting and created the perfect atmosphere in which to learn about and explore Jikiden reiki. Her knowledge and experience in the world of reiki is extremely inspirational. Debbie believes so strongly in her students and is always available to them.

Choose Jikiden Reiki

Authenticity comes as standard   Jikiden means ‘directly taught’ and this is the essential differentiator between Jikiden Reiki and other western forms of the practice. As Jikiden Reiki practitioners, registered with our Institute in Kyoto, we are only a few steps removed from Mikao Usui, who founded reiki in 1922. We feel that this direct…

Reiki practice meetings and events

Our aim is to support and encourage those working with Jikiden Reiki by providing a forum whereby each student has the opportunity to learn and grow their personal and practitioner skills at a pace that suits them by sharing experiences within a supportive group.

Jikiden Reiki Okuden Course

A 1 day workshop which is packed with intellectually challenging concepts intended to raise your conscious awareness of our world. Although these techniques date back to the 1930’s, they are just as, if not more, useful and appropriate to the demanding and hectic lifestyle of today

Jikiden Reiki Shoden Course

 The first steps to a new way of living The Jikiden Reiki Shoden Course goes way beyond most foundation reiki courses. In fact, it’s all you need to set you on your journey with this pure , simple yet powerful, Japanese energy healing system with its roots firmly based in the true original teachings of…

Jikiden Reiki Training Courses in Hampshire

The accredited Jikiden Reiki Courses that I run, faithfully follow the teachings handed down from Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. Upon successful completion, you will receive a beautiful Japanese hand written certificate and a comprehensive Jikiden Reiki manual from the Institute of Jikiden Reiki in Kyoto, Japan.