Meditation and Daily Reiki Self Practice is good for you.

Meditation and Daily Reiki Self Practice is good for you.

In my experience, I have found that regular Meditation and Daily Reiki Self Practice is good for my mental and physical wellbeing. Reiki Self practice is taught in our Jikiden Reiki Courses and plays a key role in the students personal development once they have completed their Jikiden Reiki Courses with myself.

This Waka Poem by the Meiji Emperor is just perfect for your meditation practice at the end or start of your day. After a while you may be surprised to find that you can achieve the focus, clarity and peace of mind that you seek.
The Emperor was celebrated by the people of Japan as a “Sage of Poetry” and has left 100,000 beautiful Waka poems composed during his lifetime.
Why not give yourself some quality time for meditation whilst reflecting upon this very profound and thought provoking message?

‘Water never struggles against its container, but yields itself to the containers form.
Yet, as the expression “Constant dripping wears away stone”
shows, water does have the power to pass right through the hardest rock.
Such is the strength of water.’

This can be applied to people too in that we should remember to be flexible but also to retain the strength to overcome any difficulties we may face in our lives. We can reconnect with our inner strength by regular meditation and Jikiden Reiki practice.

If you have not yet learned Jikiden Reiki, and are not sure if that is right for you, just now. Then perhaps you might consider trying a Jikiden Reiki Treatment with myself, then you can find out for yourself how wonderfully calm, focused and peaceful it can make you feel.

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