Looking to learn Reiki?

Looking to learn Reiki?

If you live in Hampshire and are curious about learning Reiki and would like to know more about an authentic form of Japanese Energy Healing only available in the West since 2004, I would love to hear from you. I have several years of Jikiden Reiki teaching and practitioner experience to share with newcomers.

Here is a Testimonial from a recent attendee of one of my Jikiden Reiki Shoden Courses which I would love to share with you.

“Thank you so much for putting together and leading a wonderful Jikiden Reiki course this weekend.I enjoyed every sixty seconds of every minute of it and came away inspired. I enjoyed meeting and learning with the others too, they were great. Everything went so smoothly, and I was barely conscious of time passing. The progression of events each day went seamlessly, while learning seemed to take place without effort.”

Keith Carr, Southampton, Hampshire

I am currently planning new Jikiden Reiki course dates for 2014, and these will be published very soon.

Interested to learn more about the benefits of Jikiden Reiki and how it can support you and your family over the weeks, months and years to come?

Come and try a taster Jikiden Reiki session for free at one of my Open meetings and you will likely be hooked as have many others who have tried it and love what it does for them.

Please email debbie@jikidenreikihealing.co.uk for further details.

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