How I took the Jikiden Reiki path to a better place and have never looked back.

Here is a lovely guest Blog by one of my Jikiden Reiki students whose story I am certain will be an inspiration to those of you who may be considering finding out more about Jikiden Reiki.

Almost a year ago I discovered something amazing. It’s called Jikiden Reiki.

A therapist friend and client of mine introduced me to Debbie Cook a Jikiden Reiki Teacher who runs a practice in Hampshire called La’a Kea Reiki.  I didn’t know much about Reiki at that point, but it sounded positive and I was intrigued. My first Reiki treatment was carried out by my friend and Debbie together, one treated  gently placing hands on my head and one on my feet and then they mirrored with hands placed on points on each side of my body, it was all a bit strange but felt relaxing.  The following day I had the most amazing feeling of being calm and grounded. I wanted more!

I run my own business and tend to live my life rather like superwoman, which means I sometimes suffer badly from a build up of stress and occasional anxiety attacks.  It wasn’t long before I made another appointment with Debbie to help me through one of those episodes.  Again I found a wonderful calming, stress relieving and grounding effect from the treatment.

I decided that the most economical way to incorporate Reiki in my life – for I felt I needed it to be present on a more continuous supporting basis – was to take Debbie’s Shoden Reiki Course which lasted for two days and meant I would be able to self treat regularly to maintain my equilibrium without breaking the bank balance!

I spent a wonderful and fascinating two days with Debbie and another student learning about Reiki and how to use it to treat others and myself. During these two days I felt completely removed from all the stresses of the outside world and I experienced the most amazing feeling of what I describe as a swirly, cool breeze in the palm of my hand, which turned into a warm, glowing heat when placed on the body. On the second day I noticed that a bad breakout of eczema which had been on my hand was looking considerably better.  I attended one of Debbie’s regular group meetings for her students on the third day and by then my eczema was totally healed. I had been treating it topically for a long time with little effect but with the Reiki it was like it was healing from within outwards. It hasn’t returned since.

Recently I had a bad attack of a winter virus which gave me daily headaches and sapped all my energy for several weeks. Debbie has been treating me throughout this episode with great results. I was rather sceptical about the distance treatments where you can be treated remotely, but much to my surprise Debbie treated me from her home to my home, whilst we communicated a little on Facebook chat – and the splitting headache I had had for several days just melted away. Sometimes it’s hard to explain how things work, but when you feel the result for yourself there is no question that they DO work!

Yesterday I saw Debbie again for a Reiki treatment, this time following some emotional anxiety a few days previously caused some personal triggers from the past. This was my most powerful treatment to date, Debbie felt this and so did I. It was like all the fears and anxiety from the past were being melted away and drawn out from my head. At certain points during the treatment I felt everything settle into calmness.

Reiki is providing an amazing source of calm, grounding and stress relief in my life. I find it a fascinating subject and am excited about learning more on the next Okuden Reiki course which I will join in April. I can’t wait! My own business offers support to small businesses, (More Lime), I believe Jikiden Reiki is an amazing source of support to our health and wellbeing and I plan in the future to include treatments in my Small Business start up support programs. What I love most about Jikiden Reiki is that it is totally natural with no side effects, toxins or harm to us in anyway – it is pure natural energy. I believe long in the past we all had this active energy in us but our modern lives have far removed it from us. How fantastic it is that it’s so easy to activate it again and use it for great good on ourselves and others.

Well that’s my Jikiden Reiki journey so far and I would whole heartedly encourage you to begin yours in whatever form is right for you. A Jikiden Reiki treatment is a great way to first experience it for yourself and see how it will work for you.

With warmest Jikiden Reiki Wishes

Rachel Clarke.

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