Have you tried Jikiden Reiki for Chronic Pain yet?

Have you tried Jikiden Reiki for Chronic Pain yet?

One of my clients and now a student, had suffered from Chronic Pain for 20 years after sustaining a Brachial Plexus injury which left him with limited mobility in his right arm bicep and the rest of his arm and hand has continued to remain immobile.

His story is currently in the making, due to him getting his life back on track, but in a nutshell, we worked together for several months using Jikiden Reiki twice weekly to reduce his chronic pain levels from a 6 out of 10 down to Zero out of 10 by the end of each 90 minute session. He subsequently trained in Jikiden Reiki and now manages his own reduced pain levels with self treatments and meditation techniques and is still totally drug free too!

He enjoys his full time work and a busy home life to the full now, without the chronic pain he experienced for many years before we met and worked together.

Does this sound like something you may be interested in trying for yourself?

I completely understand and accept that each case is unique and pain relief on this scale is not a given for other clients that I may have the chance to support, however, until you have tried it for yourself and made up your own mind, I invite you to come and try it and judge the results for yourself.

My Jikiden Reiki sessions fees are only £45 for 75 minutes.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Debbie x

Here are some Painful Facts*

There are 8 Million Chronic Pain Patients (CPPs) in the UK

  • £600 million are spent on analgesics and anti-infammatory drugs in the U.K
  • 700 GPs are employed to take care of CPPs in the UK.
  • Chronic Pain is the second most common reason for receiving incapacity benefit
  • There are 116 million CPPs in America
  • 10 million working days are lost in Australia per year due to Chronic Pain

* Documentary source: British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the 1st International Seminar in Chronic Pain, U.K Nov 2011.

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