Practice Reiki with patience and gratitude

Practice Reiki with patience and gratitude.

Slowly and steadily our innate wisdom will guide us in our unique way and nobody else can explain how it will be for us, we must patiently tread the path for ourselves.

I have waited patiently for this beautiful cultivated blackberry plant to settle into it’s new home. A plant that has been with me in various gardens for 10 years now. Finally after a lot of tender care and patience we have a bumper crop of gorgeous juicy fruits ready for eating.

A thought popped into my head, that actually for me, Reiki practice is a bit like this, that with care, patience and devotion to our daily practice, we teachers and practitioners alike, will be rewarded over the years with a clearer vision of how the Reiki energy works and presents itself in varying ways through each and every treatment we give.

Some of my new students are very enthusiastic and often keen to know the answers to these questions before they have had a varied experience of treatments over a long period of time.

Do you practice Reiki with patience and gratitude?

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Looking forward to hearing from you x

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One comment on “Practice Reiki with patience and gratitude
  1. Nice article. Gratitude is certainly very powerful, not only for life in general but also when performing Reiki. Gratitude helps to open our Heart energy more to The Source and helps empower our Reiki even further. Always be grateful for all you have and you will always have enough. This is good to remind others I feel. ­čÖé Blessings.

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