Banish your fears and phobias with Jikiden Reiki

Banish your fears and phobias with Jikiden Reiki.

Do you have fears & phobias that prevent you from living and enjoying your life to the full?

Many of us have fears and phobias that prevent us from living and enjoying our lives to the full. For some of us it may be be a fear of snakes, mice, heights, of drowning, of closed in spaces, of flying in an aeroplane, interviews etc….

We Jikiden Practitioners have a really cool, effective technique to banish these fears and phobias, this technique is very simple and efficient and once the client is able to understand the key issue that is really holding them back, we are able to support clients in achieving great results.

I have had some brilliant results with clients over the years, and so have some of my students. It was only this week that I was catching up with one of my students who has trained with me some years back and discussing her experiences to date.

I remember her telling me that she had worked with a friend who had a ‘super bad’ case of ‘fear of spiders’ some years ago and at the time was delighted to learn that after only one session, her friend’s phobia disappeared and she was able to enjoy her new relaxed, calm state around spiders.

Even this week, three years on, this lady remains completely free from her past fear of spiders! Awesome !

So if you have a fear or phobia  which is holding you back and limiting your full enjoyment of life for whatever reason, I would love for you to get in touch in order that we can work together to banish those phobias and fears.

You can call me on 07809615778 to have a confidential discussion or simply email me at to discuss your needs.

I look forward to being able to support you in getting the most out of your life.

Debbie x

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