Allow Jikiden Reiki Healing Hampshire to totally, deeply relax you.

Allow Jikiden Reiki Healing Hampshire to totally, deeply relax you…

‘Even those who favour sophistry cannot deny the facts they see and feel for themselves.’

An actively sceptical work colleague asked me to explain Jikiden Reiki to him yesterday. After 30 minutes of ‘cross examination’ and various in depth explanations , he finally agreed to try a session for himself.
Within 10 minutes of laying down on the couch, with my hands placed gently on his head, he was deeply relaxed and pretty much asleep, once the 45 minute session had concluded, this was his reaction.

“ Wow! That was amazing!  This is the first time for a long, long, long time that I have not not thought about anything. Now that I have experienced Jikiden Reiki for myself, I don’t feel the need to challenge the background or ethos of this practice.

From the start it was like laying down in a warm bath and it felt as if someone was rippling the water up and down inside my body. A feeling that was totally new to me and which after a while felt very comforting and I was aware at some point that all of me ‘just let go’!

The Jikiden Reiki made me actively relax and I have not been this relaxed for a very long time.”

Paul Rees, Coach, Salad Seminars

If you are intrigued and curious now to find out for yourself and ready to allow Jikiden Reiki to totally and deeply relax you, please contact Debbie Cook at to book your taster session.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Debbie x

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